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What is the workout about?

The classes are good for you if you want to:

Relieve stress and tightness
Do the splits
Ease fatigue and apathy
Fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a ballerina
Let your femininity bloom
Be flexible and sexy
Become more confident
Have fun
Find support and care
Get rid of back and joint pain

Classical choreography

Feel like a ballerina
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 Classical choreography is a foundation for all kinds of dance. It gives an excellent load on the muscles and joints, training and strengthening them. Doing classical choreography one can develop the correct posture, strengthen the muscular corset, and correct the back issues. After the choreography class the spine feels healed and aligned. Our students also report finding a beautiful gait, flexibility, and coordination of movements.




Get the splits, improve your flexibility
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 Stretching is a set of exercises aimed at intense stretching of the ligaments, as well as all muscle groups, increasing their elasticity, sensitivity, and tone. Additionally, classes allow you to increase the flexibility of the body and range of motion. Stretching for the whole body helps speed up recovery processes and increase the efficiency of further training. Stretching also reduces the risk of salt deposits in tissues, as well as prevent the occurrence of arthrosis and other joint diseases at a young age.




Improve your posture
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 Pilates is a series of slow-paced exercises. As with other types of fitness, the goal of regular exercise is to improve joints and strengthen muscles, relieve tension and pain in the body, correct weight, improve posture, and normalize sleep.

It increases strength, helps develop a sense of balance, teaches you to concentrate on your body and monitor the effectiveness of its movements, so that the athlete will pay more attention to technique. In addition, Pilates engages muscles that rarely work in everyday life. 

Body ballet

Lose weight and burn calories
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 Body Ballet is a set of workouts created based on classic ballet exercises and supplemented with elements from yoga and Pilates.

Body ballet develops your feet and promotes insteps, opens the groin, promotes flexibility of the back in all directions, stretches all tendons and develops joints, improves coordination and balance. 

Parterre choreography

Understand the ballet technique
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 Parterre choreography is a special set of exercises for a detailed study of work of muscles of the legs, abs and back, including both strength elements and stretching elements. This is  the best way to prepare the body for a ballet class.

Essentially it is gymnastics on the floor. This is a set of specially selected exercises performed on the floor in a sitting position, lying down, or on your side. 


Pump your back and legs
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 Barre is a system of physical exercises (fitness), based on a combination of ballet exercises, functional strength training exercises, Pilates, and yoga. The ballet barre is used in training as a support while working on the muscles of the legs, glutes, and the abs.



Ballet strength training

Get the body in shape, pump up the muscles
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 A set of exercises for stretching muscles and ligaments, longitudinal and transverse splits, as well as for increasing joint mobility. Individual work with each student in the classroom in mini groups of up to 10 people. This is a relatively new area of fitness.


The class will target the arms and legs, strengthen the abs and core, and improve posture.

Get en pointe

Make your childhood dream come true
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 In this class we thoroughly work on the strength of your feet and toes. To achieve this, the instructor will get you through multiple stretching and strength exercises which target the muscles of your feet, toes, legs and core. Once the teacher sees you are strong enough to try the poentes, he or she will gently get you there.  


You can start working out in the studio WITHOUT any preparation or skills. Our instructors will teach you everything from scratch and adapt the load for you.

You don’t have to worry about this. Each of our students once came to the first trial lesson. Most students were complete beginners. You will have your trial lesson with the beginners too. Individual approach and personal attention of the instructor will help you feel as comfortable as possible.

The class is equally beneficial for all ages. The ladies’ age in our studio ranges from 15 to 73 years old. Together we will select a group and direction that is suitable for your level. This way you will make the most out of the workout.

Absolutely. There are girls of all kinds and shape in our studio. Don’t give up on your dream. With our classes you will boost your confidence and energy levels.

The reality is that to succeed you need desire and diligence the most. Then comes the experience. Your aspiration and professional approach of our instructors will help you to achieve good results. Either way, you need to try to prove it works or nor. That’s why we have trial classes – your first steps into the world of ballet and fitness!

Absolutely everyone can perform at our concerts. This concert is not for professionals, but for amateurs and beginners, just like you. Together with the teachers you will prepare a performance and perform on stage in front of your friends and relatives. Trust us, the emotions go through the roof.!

The structure of the lesson and its duration were adjusted to help you reap the maximum benefits . For your convenience all workouts are divided into several levels of load.

All you need is a set of comfortable sport clothes. For the first lesson, it will be enough to bring leggings, a T-shirt a pair of socks. You can also have the flip-flops with you to walk from the studio to the hall. However socks are also good enough. 

No, you don’t need to buy anything. All the necessary equipment: mats, blocks, cushions for stretching, belts, etc. – all this can be found in the studio. All you need to do is come to the workout and enjoy the class. 

Classes run at different times, on weekdays and weekends. With your membership you ado stick to one group or specific type of class. You can make an individual schedule that suits you.

Prices vary, depending on the number of classes in your membership. You can learn more on a trial lesson and choose the best option for you.

Come, try and see for yourself. Levita is one of the most successful studios on the international levelwe have more than 45,000 clients every month. No studio can provide such flexible schedule. All workouts are were developed by the founder of the network.

You can find reviews about us in our social networks on Instagram, Facebook and on the Google maps. Each studio in each city has their own accounts. You can find them by the name LEVITA followed by the city’s name.


We are looking forward to seeing you in our studio.

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